Spring Ice Off

April 2, 2012

Fly Fishing Utah

Spring Ice off at Falcons LedgePosted by Spencer Higa from the Falcons Ledge website

Spring still water fishing is always exciting no matter where you live. Fishermen, especially out here in the west, get a little antsy in anticipation of the day when the hard deck disappears and the trout’s metabolism (I know, it’s a big word for me too ) speeds up. Many times the largest fish of the year are taken just shortly after ice out and one of our favorite ways to hook, fight and land these critters are on Chironomids.

The other day, Spencer Higa and I decided to do a little investigating on some high desert trout. We knew that fish would be cruising the weed beds looking for easy meals and right off the bat our first fish was a rather obese rainbow that took me nearly into my backing. What a way to start the day! Spencer and I then proceeded to hook and release several other nice rainbows before lunch. Just before lunch Spencer and I decided to head to another stillwater and check up on how well the fish did through the winter and the results came out to be overwhelmingly positive.

While making lunch I decided to cast out over a small drop off along the dam and before you know it I had a fish on the line. After releasing that one, I casted out and began making my turkey and avocado sandwich again. Right after I finished cutting through the avocado I looked over at my indicator and it was nowhere to be seen. This could only mean one thing…another fish was on. And that it was! After playing and releasing that fish, I casted out again and went back to making lunch. Grabbing the meat out of the cooler, I looked back at my indicator and faster than you can say “slow roasted turkey” my indicator tanked again. 3 fish on before finishing my lunch prep. The good news is it was a stellar day on the water, the better news is fishing at Six Lakes is going to be good like this well into summer.

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