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March 26, 2012

Frenzy Giveaways

This last week we hosted the International Fly Fishing Film Festival and it was a huge success. We had an amazing crowd and saw some awesome videos. We want to thank everyone that helped make the show a success especially UVU that donated the Ragan Theater for the night. Among all the pictures we took that night with all the happy faces holding the free gear we gave away we captured an awesome moment of fighting beards, yes I said fighting beards. Marc Crapo and Collin Carlson by no way are these awesome dudes fighting but I can only imagine that the beards they both sport have a mind of their own and they took over. We are needing some creative people to come up with captions for the picture. Make a comment on this post or on our Facebook Post of the picture and we will pick who we think is the most creative and give them a Copy of No Sports Allowed DVD vol 2 and a No Sports Allowed original Hat. We will let the caption submissions last until Monday the 26th at midnight.

There are 4 pictures so 4 lines in your caption submission would be allowed.

Go Nuts!!

IF4 beard fight

Winner get these awesome gifts from No Sports Allowed.

no sports allowed dvd vol 2

no sports allowed hat



30 Responses to “Need a Caption”

  1. Bill Bundy Says:

    Beard”Mance” in the making


  2. Scott Antonetti Says:

    Beard fight!!!

    the ZZ-top of flyfishing!


  3. steven fort Says:

    I found a new spot to keep my flies!


  4. Brian Bradfield Says:

    Marc displays with great skill, how one determines the quality of another mans beard….A++


  5. Chris Says:

    “Do I smell bacon?”

    “That looks like some bacon.”

    “It smells like bacon in there!”

    “Nom Nom Nom!”


    Big Hoss Reply:

    you are our winner Chris, thanks for posting. Send us your address so we can send you the goods.


    Chris Reply:

    Awesome! Thanks for the sweet hookup.


  6. Dallas Says:

    “Dude, I need that color for my BIG meat!”

    “Sure you can have some…do you have your scissors?”

    “No..I’ll just use my teeth”

    “Damn Velco”


  7. Jeff Orvin Says:

    Thats not thick.
    This is thick.
    Reeeeaaaaly thick.


  8. Michael Says:

    As long as you don’t make eye contact….


  9. Bryan Eldredge Says:

    Velcro: It’s not for girls!


  10. Preston Says:

    “Dude you have something in your beard”,sniffs,”siiiiick”

    Keep it rowdy guys!


  11. Brian Cadoret Says:

    Replace Chuck Norris with either Marc Crapo and Collin Carlson

    “There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.”

    “There is no chin behind Marc Crapo’ beard. There is only another fist.”
    “There is no chin behind Collin Carlson’ beard. There is only another fist.”


  12. Jen Says:

    In true beard war fashion, the loser must trim
    the winner’s beard with nothing but his teeth…’


  13. Jeff Says:

    Wait, are you wearing Crocs?


  14. Chuck Says:

    The beard, natures way of saving some for later…


  15. rich Says:

    Jeb didn’t believe Zeke had been to the Mustang ranch, but one sniff and a lick later on Zekes flavor saver, he was convinced Zeke spoke the truth…Jeb doubted no more and longed for the embrace of a hooker that would have him and his beard too


  16. Colby D Says:

    During mating season the males plumage takes on a nice red color.


  17. Colby D Says:

    While in the rut the dominant males will grow long beards to empress the females. When two equal males encounter each other they will battle for dominance.


  18. Mike G Says:

    ***”You see this beard? Thats one hell of a beard”

    Thanks man, my beard is like your beards red headed step child”***

    Wait, I think you got a bug up in there***

    Damn, that was terrible, but you gotta respect the beard***


  19. Aaron G Says:

    You taling to me, YOU TALKING TO ME?
    No, just your BEARD!


  20. Paul Puckett Says:

    This is my comment…I would say I like your beards, but…who the hell doesn’t.


  21. greg h Says:

    I’m not your brother!, don’t touch me
    do not try and kiss me
    I warned you about pulling hair


  22. Clint Says:

    Caption 1
    Collin: “Hey look, a real-life ginger! Hey can I get a picture with you? I thought you guys were like leprechauns and unicorns.”

    Caption 2
    Crapo: “What are you talking about? I am a leprechaun and I have a unicorn that I rode on here to the show.”

    Caption 3
    Colin: “Really? Can I see your unicorn?”
    Crapo: “Only if I can taste your beard.”
    Colin: Venerable cause he really wants to see a unicorn “Ok.” Crapo moves in for the taste.

    Caption 4
    Crapo: Whispers “I lied, I just wanted to taste your beard-gina.”
    Collin: Pissed off cause he really wanted to see a unicorn “You beard raping ginger!” But Collin gets a funny feeling in his pants and lets Crapo continue………


  23. Bryce Russell Says:

    How cute…A Viking couple.


  24. Ian Bisantz Says:

    “Dude, what the hell is in your beard?”
    “What? Nothin man”
    “Brotha, you got mayflies in there and you been HOLDING OUT? LET ME GET SOME OF THOSE! (NOM NOM NOM NOM)”


  25. Justin Taylor Says:

    I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

    Look carefully and you will see the home-grown and organic alternative to elk hair. Get those dry flies ready.

    So glad these two gentleman could roll out of the mountains and join us this evening.

    How now brown cow!

    (my personal favorite, a statement that is applicable to any picture or situation)


  26. Andrew Says:

    1. Todd – “Guy, you have to trust me, I can feel it. We’re on the gold. It’s right here in Marc Crapo’s beard.
    2. Marc – “So I summoned all the power of the beard and tried not to bite Todd’s finger. I think he’s after Marc Crapo’s beard gold.”
    3. Todd – “Where’s Jack? Dad, what are you doing? You’re in the 540 digging holes all over Marc Crapo’s beard looking for the glory hole”
    4. Marc – “Oh, they found the glory hole, they’re in the gold in Marc Crapo’s beard.”


  27. Jerry Garn Says:

    Scandilous Hair Farming vs Wiley Trout Hillbilly

    Gnarly Tugging Battle of Beardyness

    Artillery of Rowdiness

    The 2 Snoring Bearded Firemen


  28. Big Hoss Says:

    awesome Captions!!!!


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