Green with Envy

March 18, 2012


A proposed pipeline to divert billions of gallons of water from Wyoming and Utah to Colorado’s Front Range threatens more than the world-class trout fishing in the Green River and Flaming Gorge Reservoir. It poses a threat to a series of small communities and a way of life. This video from TU and the Sportsmen’s Conservation Project shows why.


2 Responses to “Green with Envy”

  1. Kris Millgate Says:

    Saw your logo at IF4 Friday night. Looked you up and what a cool surprise! There is my Tight Line Media film playing at the top of your page! I produced ‘Green with Envy’ for Trout Unlimited. Two other TU films I produced are showing around the country right now too. You can see them here. More fish porn on the way this year. Great site. I’ll be back.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thanks for the comment. I will check out the other vids. Thanks for the work you are doing with TU.


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