Fly Tying Get Together

February 16, 2012

Fly Tying

utah fly fishing club fly tyingLast week I attended the Utah Fly Fishing Club fly tying get together.  Meet some new fly fisherman and tied up some good flies.  I have been tying a bunch lately getting read for the spring and summer.  Most of all I am getting ready for this Frenzy trip.  Here is the post that Utah Fly Fishing Club put up.  Check out the site for more events and get togethers.

Written by Travis Gillespie posted on Utah Fly Fishing Club

So what do you get when you mix a group of fly tyers, junk food and running down the man? That’s right! You get 3 hours of non-stop fish stories, some awesome flies, and most importantly a good time.  This Wednesdays Fly Tying Get Together was a lot of fun. We had a great group of guys and gals that showed up to tie up so flies, talk fishing, eat some grub and watch a couple fishy films. Derek had us all jealous, as he was tying up a box full of big beetles and mice for his trip to Jurassic Lake this coming week. (20# Rainbows in a small creek sounds epic) Other tyers were either refilling their boxes in prep for future trips to come. One of the best parts of these get togethers is the opportunity to learn from other tyers. To share patterns and secrets of how they are tied and fished. We even had a couple guys that didn’t tie much, but wanted to come and learn a few basics to help them get started. Members were more that willing to share some techniques and help them with the basic fly tying techniques.  Thanks again everyone that came and look forward to our next get together and hopefully see some new tyers as well.

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