ContourRoam HD Camera

February 15, 2012

Frenzy Giveaways

fly fishing contour hd cameraHere are a couple clips I shot with my ContourRoam HD Camera.  We are going to be giving one of these cameras away in March.  I have written about these cameras before.  It is a hands free HD camera like a GoPro.  It shoots some awesome high quality video.  The cameras have a lot of accessories and one of the models they sell you can view the video on your phone via Bluetooth connection.  These hands free person HD cameras are booming and fly fisherman are on board.  I have seen some awesome videos shot with these cameras by fly fisherman and with how easy it is to take these videos it is allowing the non professional to look more and more like professionals.

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2 Responses to “ContourRoam HD Camera”

  1. JayMorr Says:

    Looking good. Nice work. Beautiful fish. I am getting excited about Spring.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    i know i can’t wait. i am going to get out tomorrow.


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