Customer Service at its Best!

February 10, 2012

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The Fly Shop


I won a IR GLH2O 9’6″ length 6wt rod by The Fly Shop at a Casting 4 a Cure event a few years back.  It was a sweet 6 wt rod perfect for the Henry’s Fork and South Fork here in Southeast Idaho. About 4 months ago we went with some work colleagues to a Private water excursion and I let one of my co-workers borrow that rod.  I came back about 2 hours later to find my rod broke at the 2nd piece from the top.  (Be careful who borrows your fly rod) :)

I wasn’t sure how the Fly Shop would handle a rod that was a raffle prize, but I thought it was worth a try to get it fixed.  What I saw next was the best customer service experience I’ve had with a fly rod company.  I’ve broken 2 other rods and got both fixed for free plus shipping costs, but one of them has broken in the same spot now 3 times and I’m finally to the point that I’m not sending it back in.  I won’t name the company, but my experience there was far inferior to The Fly Shop.

After emailing the Fly Shop Company based out of Redding CA they told me to send the rod with S&H fees.  Here is what I sent:

  • Entire Fly Rod (4 pieces) with broken piece in a fedex parcel.
  • Check for S&H.

Here is what I got back.

  • 4 pieces back with broken piece fixed plus an additional end piece.
  • A new Fly Rod holder for my Rod.

Needless to say I was amazed by their effort to go above and beyond.

If you’ve never visited the Fly Shop I would highly recommend it.

Thanks Fly Shop!



6 Responses to “Customer Service at its Best!”

  1. Brian Says:

    That’s great! I’ve only had experience with their shop in welches, OR but they are one of the best shops I’ve ever been to– double props



    Chubbs Reply:

    I agree Brian. I was amazed at how cool they were! Great company!


  2. the river damsel Says:

    It is always nice to get a heads up on a good shop which cares about your satisfaction. I will remember these guys!


    Chubbs Reply:

    they are great for sure!


  3. Eric Says:

    Wish I could say the same about my experience with Ross. Returned my broken rod, paid $30 warranty fee, called/emailed for two weeks with no reply ( wrong # on their website). Finally get a hold of them, they apologize, sending it that day. Week later, still no rod…..Call them up and find out they still haven’t shipped it. I learned my lesson the hard way.


    Chubbs Reply:

    Eric, i had a similar experience with another Rod company and it is so frustrating. That is why my experience with The Fly Rod company is so refreshing.


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