Photos from the vise

February 6, 2012

Fly Tying

fly fishing frenzy pictures from the benchI have had the fly tying bug lately and have hit the vise hard.  I am sure I have it because I haven’t fished much this winter compared to years past.   I have been tying up a bunch of flies so I hope I have time this year to use them all. I have learned a few new pasterns and have been trying to become more consistent with the old ones.  This Wednesday I am attending an Utah Fly Fishing Club fly tying event.  It is a get together just to hang out, tie flies and have a good time.  I know I have mentioned this before in my previous writings but before my Dad past away he tied all our flies and loved not having to worry about buying or tying them.  I am sure that I would have started to tie sometime even if he was still alive today but sometimes I like to think if there were good things about him passing away one could be that I now I tie my own flies.  He had complied so much tying material, hooks, beads and tools that I have never really had to replace what he already had except for hooks and beads.  I have since added to the stockpile of goods and will of course always buy new and cool material.


One thing that I was thankful for when he died is that he had a huge box of example flies that he left me.  It has one of about ever type of fly made.  I was great to look at a specific fly and do my best to duplicate it.  The one website that I landed on which was the best help to me was  This was before the big YouTube boom and they had pictures and step by step instructions on hundreds of flies.  I used to pull up my laptop and for hours practice tying.  There is definitely something special about catching a fish on a fly you have tied knowing that you not only used your fly fishing skill to outsmart the fish but the fly you tied before was also good enough to fool it.


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7 Responses to “Photos from the vise”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Great read and great looking bugs.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Thanks. I need to keep learning from all you boys at Falcons Ledge.


  2. Jared Winkler Says:

    Nice vice! I got the same one. Started with it as a kid and it still works. Maybe someday I will upgrade. Not now I would rather buy hooks… Keep up the good work.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Same here. I will keep spending my money on materials and supplys. If I tied more I would probably upgrade vices.


  3. Unsolicited Advice Says:

    It’s not “vice” Frenzy people. It’s “vise”.

    Vice is an immoral or evil habit or practice. I know you are good with vice’s as well.

    A vise is any of various devices, usually having two jaws that may be brought together or separated by means of a screw, lever, or the like, used to hold an object firmly while work is being done on it.

    Don’t be a hater because I’m correcting you. I just want you and your blog to be right. To be all you can be. To be the best.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    never haters….I noticed that I spelled it wrong yesterday. It is just a product of writing a post in a few min and not proofing it before hand. I am surprised that no one mentioned it before you did. Always let us know when we get things wrong even if it is spelling.



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