Provo River Fishing Report

February 2, 2012

Fly Fishing Utah, Provo River

provo river brown troutHere is a quick river report from Kyle Brooks on the Lower Provo River.  I met Kyle a bit ago when I went up to Falcons Ledge for a fly tying retreat.  Kyle is an amazing fly tier and a great still water fisherman.

River Report:

Weather: 40 degrees and sunny.
I fished the section below Deer Creek, from about 11:30 AM to 3 PM. The water level was running about 200 CFS and fairly clear.  The mid-afternoon is prime for fishing in the winter. It is important to find a stretch of the river where the sun has been able to penetrate for a few hours. This is key because fish are generally more active in the winter under these conditions, and warmer, sunny weather allows for insects to hatch.  I chose to fish some of my go to patterns, including Higas SOS, size 20, a Black and Copper Zebra Midge, size 18, and an Egan’s Rainbow Warrior size 20. These patterns are popular for a reason: They simply catch fish.  I found a hole that was full of Rainbows, and I caught more bows than I ever have on the Provo, which was a lot of fun. Winter fishing can be extremely productive, and a lot of fun. Dress warm, hit the river, and catch fish!

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