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January 20, 2012

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premier oars and bladesA very good friend of the Fly Fishing Frenzy Royce Klinger has made a promotional push for his rowing blades and oars.  I have seen these in action and understand why they are much better than any other oar product out there.  I have included in the post a couple videos showing the Awesomeness of these oars.  Here is some info form the Premier Oars website.  Check it out for ordering info.

For most skiffs , Super Pumas with down river rowing frames, 14 ft Outcasts with rowing frames, and low profile drift boats the dimensions from oar lock to oar lock is 70 inches.  The height from the oar lock to the water is roughly between 15 and 20 inches depending on how much weight is in the vessel. The 8 1/2  footers work best for these vessels.  The oar and blade enter the water at the right angle giving the oarsman the advantage that the SDD (Shallow Draft Diamond(provides.

For larger high side Drift Boats and rafts with 75 inches between oar locks, and 25 inches plus from oar locks to the water, 9 foot on up to 10 foot oars can be used and will enter the water properly to get the maximum proformance out of the blade. 9 foot oars are the most popular for Standard Drift Boats.  Keep in mind if you are always in wide open water vs. small side channels where short shallow strokes are needed a longer or shorter oar may be more applicable for your envirenment.  Shorter oar for the intimate side channels , larger oar for the open water.

Right now we are offering Pine and Douglas Fir combos for our custom turned wooden oars. We are also offering a very stiff robust Douglas Fir Carbon Fiber Hybrid for those that need an indestructable oar.

Pine sandwiched by Douglas Fir gives you a fairly stiff, but light oar Douglas Fir Sancwiched by `Pine gives you a little more whip and are super light and still super strong

Premier Shallow Diamond Inserts Review by Coby Reid from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

Indestructible Insert Blades!!! Premier Oars and Blades from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

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