Midnight Fly Fishing

January 14, 2012


I remember a couple years ago I decide that I would plan a day to hit the Provo River during a full moon in the summer time.  I had always wanted to go for those monsters that you hear only come out at night.  I remember it being in July sometime because I wanted to hit the nightly caddis hatch then just stick around until the moon popped over the mountain and then through streamers and mice.  Just my luck as the moon was showing itself a very thin layer of wispy clouds rolled in and made it just dark enough that I couldn’t see that well.  I still stuck around fishing with the light from my headlamp but I ultimate got to freaking scared sitting in the river by myself knowing that there could be a BigFoot come from no where and have a midnight snack.  Watching this video has committed me to do get at least one night on the river during a full moon this summer.   The only must is that I will have someone with me so I don’t get freaked out that I will be eaten by an animal.

I’ve Got Work in the Morning But…. from Fish Porn on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Midnight Fly Fishing”

  1. Ryan Says:

    If you need someone to beebe the wild of night with, drop me a line. I have always wanted to try night fishing but don’t have anyone to try it with.


  2. Ryan Says:

    Brave not beebe. Stupid smartphone!


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