Merry Christmas EVE!

December 24, 2011


Frenzy Funnies

This Christmas Funny comes from Gene Simmons.

I really like this commercial and anyone else interested in joining the HFO? :)


How about a little Christmas Vacation to get you going?

4 Responses to “Merry Christmas EVE!”

  1. Ken Ronshausen Says:

    WFO !! LMAO… thanks , you guys rock & Merry Christmas & here’s to a FFF New Year


    Ken Ronshausen Reply:

    I meant HFO…..


  2. Big Hoss Says:

    I will join.


  3. Josh Wade Says:

    Now I hope I won’t need to go all Clark Griswald and have my cousin Eddy come pick up Big Hoss or Chubbs and put a bow on their heads for not winning the Christmas giveaway. That just wouldn’t quite be the Christmas we were all looking for would it??? Not saying but just saying… Good luck to all on the giveaway.


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