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December 21, 2011

Fly Fishing Art

Fly Fishing Art CreelScott Hale from Bozeman, MT sent me a link to his video of a type of time lapse of him painting.  In two minutes you see his art come to life.  The piece is called A Fly on the Wall.  His website is a great place to find awesome fly fihsing, fishing, water and outdoor prints from various artists.

About Scott:

I work in both oil and pastels. I spend most of my time painting western rivers and landscapes. Occasionally I get some fish paintings done like this one. I switched careers from project manager (commercial construction) to artist in 2003. Since then I’ve just said no to construction except for building my studio… a 3 year do-it-yourself project I finished about a year ago. My wife is happy I finally moved my studio out of the living room, and I’m fishing again in my spare time rather than building.


Other info from the site:

Back in the summer of 1996, two new friends -let’s call them Topher and Paco- took off from work early on a Friday afternoon to backpack to a lake in the Cascades for the weekend. Once camp was set up next to the lake, Topher pulled out his spinning gear complete with a double treble hooked spoon and began fishing. Meahwhile, Paco carefully set up his fly fishing gear and began “fishing” as well. Topher snickered at the elaborate casting motions and laborious retrieves of Paco – for he thought he had never seen anything quite so unnecessary. Topher laughed out loud and the echo bounced many times off the glacial cirque that formed the lake. Without any fanfare in his voice, Paco said, “You will be flyfishing very soon.” Topher was quite sure he would never give up ‘real’ fishing with his dardevle for some crazy, antiquarian nonsense like this.

Within a year, amazed by the possibility of pinpoint casts with a fly and the stillness and rhythm of a sport that was growing on him, Topher had almost completely abandoned his spinning rig in favor of an economical fly rod/reel combo from the Fred Meyer store.

Seven years after that first trip to the Cascades, Topher decided to hang up his 9 to 5 office gig and become an artist full time. Though he loved the Cascades, he found himself longing for better trout rivers. Like the ones he had flirted with on trips to Idaho and Montana with Paco. Getting the green light from his incredible wife, Topher and family made their move to the Rockies in the name of painting the landscape, and said goodbye to Seattle’s 1-1/2 hour daily commute forever. That there happened to be some fine flywater all around was just ‘coincidence’. And besides, it was really all Paco’s fault anyway that Topher had this new addiction that now needed to be fed frequently by the many moving waters around the Gallatin Valley.

In time, aside from painting Rocky Mountain landscapes, he began painting a few trout; an angler here and there…and eventually the idea for ArtCreel was born…

In 2009 ArtCreel went online as a place to showcase a fine collection of angling art, from fly fishing’s veteran artists and rising stars. We hope you enjoy what you see here. We will strive to provide you with the best opportunity to find, view, and purchase art that speaks perfectly to whatever it is you love about fly fishing – art that “floats your drift boat”.

Thank you for shopping with us and tell us how we’re doing anytime –

Scott and Lara Hale Bozeman, Montana

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