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December 18, 2011

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Fly Fishing Blogs

We’ve decided to take a risk and see if we can’t come up with the top 5 Fly Fishing Blogs on the internet today.  Now, we obviously think our blog here at Fly Fishing Frenzy is tops, but for this post we wanted to share the love. :)

Here are the criteria we came up with for the scoring:

Rankability – How does the blog rank in search engines on certain key words mainly ‘fly fishing blog’.

Content – As they say, Content is King!  Who has frequent great content?

Overall Awesomeness – Self Explanatory.

One last word:  We think all fly fishing blogs rock and this is just our attempt to rank some of the coolest ones out there.  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Ready, Set, Go.

5Fly Fishilicious – The name alone sounds saaa tasty and Jen Kugler is pretty dang cool!    

Rankability – Fly Fishalicious is still new and rising.  For this reason rankability is low.

Content – Yes it does!  From Tips, to Gear Reviews, and just good stuff nearly daily this fly fishing blog has great content.

Overall Awesomeness –  Awesome is just the start with Fly Fishilicious.  The name, the witty schwag, and overall fun feel of the site makes it pretty awesome.

4Fat Guy Fly Fishing – How cool is that name for a Fly Fishing Blog?  How can you not love these guys.  Funny, Crazy, and they love to fish!

Rankability – Yep, they got some.  Matter of fact on my browser they show up on the first page.  Not bad for just some ‘fat guys’ out fishing. :)

Content – Their content is wild and crazy, but they update regularly and have some very unique content that is unequivocally theirs.

Overall Awesomeness – This blog is nearly off the charts for Awesomeness.  Rumor has it they taught Chuck Norris to fly fish.  Chuck then round house kicked all of them to the face with one kick, but three feet just because he could.  Ya they are that awesome!

Now a quick word for the top 3.  These top 3 fly fishing blogs could all be tops.  It was hard to determine 1, 2, 3, but this is our best shot at it.  Also, wanted to give some props to a couple other blogs that we think are pretty cool;  Compleat Thought and The Unaccomplished Angler

3Fiberglass Manifesto  – Glass is not dead is never more evident than at FM. 

Rankability – If the Manifesto has a weakness it is rankability.  It might be the blogspot platform, but for what they lack in Rankage, they make up for in the other two.

Content –  They say content is king.  Well, Fiberglass Manifesto delivers.  At the FM they post daily and keep the fly fishing world active and exciting.

Overall Awesomeness – How awesome is it to give away 50 gifts and have over 6800 people email you for the giveaways?  Ya, pretty dang awesome!

2Moldy Chum – Chum Nation is loud and proud.  These guys know how to keep the good stuff coming.  With posts 3-4 times a day they keep the Fly Fishing world a buzz.

Rankability – First page of Google under fly fishing blog.  On my browser they come up number 6 overall.  They have been at it for a while and Google knows it!

Content –  These guys dominate content.  Posting nearly 3-4 times daily, it keeps their readers involved.  Conservation to Funnies, they have it all.

Overall Awesomeness – The Chum defines awesome.  They are witty and current.  From good looking ladies to awesome videos, they rock!

1Trout Underground – The trout underground takes home the gold! 

Rankability – Underground no more.  I think on all browsers I use the trout underground comes up #1 under the key words fly fishing blog.  Tough to beat them rankings.

Content – TC has very unique, quality content.  Their Shortcasts sections provides its readers with tons of great content all in one spot.  Overall content is updated nearly daily and it is good stuff.

Overall Awesomeness –  Now, I don’t think that TC wants to be called awesome, but that in itself makes them pretty awesome.  Nuh said!  CONGRATS TC!


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14 Responses to “Top 5 Fly Fishing Blogs”

  1. Jen - Fly Fishilicious Says:

    I can’t believe I made it on your list – wow – I totally feel honored! You made my night :) xoxo Jen


    Chubbs Reply:

    You have an awesome site Jen! Keep up the good work. :)


  2. Alex Landeen Says:


    But Kyle? Really? You choose Kyle’s ugly face?

    We strained some of Chucks ball sweat and it was Jager, only better.


    Chubbs Reply:

    haha! Kyle’s pic was for the shock factor. :)


  3. TC/The Trout Underground Says:

    Thanks for the high five (virtually). I do well on Google in part because I’ve been at it so long, but it’s always nice to hear people like the words too…


    Big Hoss Reply:

    anytime, have always loved the blog and the way it is written.


  4. ace Says:

    Nice bunch of blogs you have put together, thank you for investing your time for us fisherman.


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  7. Ethan P. Says:

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  11. Brian WEaver Says:

    Thank you for this list. It’s very hard to find good quality content about fishing. I love reading about everybody’s different stories and reviews and photos from around the world. A couple of my favorites are theyakpond and carponthefly. Hopefully my site makes it on your list one day. thanks.


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