WTW Utah Fly Fishing Review

December 12, 2011

Fly Fishing Utah

Fly Fishing UtahA few weeks ago I ran into a couple guys fishing that were from Nevada. We talked about their trips out to Utah and gave them some tips and flies for the stretch we were fishing.  One of them had a site called Western Trout Wrangler.  He sent over this write up and video of his adventure Fly Fishing Utah.

Written by Chris Kurnik

Fishing is a very ambiguous word; to some hillbillies it means noodling for channel cat and to most it means sitting on a lakeshore drowning worms. To the fly fisherman it has a much deeper and genuine meaning. It contains many subtleties that go beyond the mere hope of catching fish. Fishing has a spiritual aspect: having the power that allows the angler to connect with old world traditions. There is also a sense of challenge which drives the angler, a sense of exploration, as many who have a secret spot well know, a sense of adventure, and a sense of mystery. Every aspect weighs heavily on the fly fisher’s mind. What spoils lie around the next bend of the river? What could be lurking at the bottom of a seemingly endless pool? How can you fool that hog you spotted? And sometimes, how can you possibly get back home before your lady gets mad? Each one of theses questions seems to arise every time I fish (mostly the last one); however, the answers continue to elude me. Some people, through years of experience, have mastered some, or even most, of these questions, but none can master them all. There is truly only one simple approach to gain enlightenment: to fish. Late spring of 2011, I left my cozy home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in search of what I could learn from the Utah fisheries. I met up with my long time friend in SLC and our adventure began. As it always goes, we had terrible timing and had to deal with one of the highest runoffs in decades. Along with flows in the 1000+ range on the majority of the rivers along the Wasatch range, the Green was pumping at over 6000 cubes and the weather was terrible. It rained or snowed for some amount of time every day of the trip. Despite the conditions, we fished 6 days straight and enjoyed every second of it. Our days at the Green were some of the greatest days I have had fishing. The bite wasn’t great, but floating the river in high flows on a 6 ft pontoon made up for any lack of thrills. Guides would float by in gleaming drift boats and laugh at us as we re-inflated our limp pontoons, much in the way that father laughs at a child when their shoes are on backwards. They must have felt sorry for us because almost everyone gave us tips on how to improve our situation. The numerous pointers made it obvious that they did not envy us. Little did they know that they were missing out on some of the most exciting moments that our fishing adventure had to offer. Anyone who knows me would be quick to point out that mild mockery at my expense is undoubtedly the least of my worries. The shots in this video attempt to capture the moments of that trip. Although it doesn’t quite do it justice, I still find myself watching it over and over with a big smile on my face. I hope you enjoy.






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