The Unperfect Prefect Day

November 30, 2011

Fly Fishing Utah

Post Taken from Utah Fly Fishing Club website written by Travis Gillespie.

I wanted to repost this from his site because I took these pictures, I wanted to brag a little bit.


You know those days that everything seems to be lining up just perfect for an epic day on the water, well today wasn’t exactly one of those. Five UFFC members met up in hopes of trying out some new prototype articulated streamers I had been working on. The weather was supposed to be snowy and cold,  perfect for streamer fishing, but it was sunny and windy. The flows were supposed to be down, but they were still raging for this time of year. With less than ideal conditions for hucking meat all day. We decided to huck it anyway. Right off the bat I had three monster grabs, but three long releases later. I was still left alone on the bank shaking my head. The new streamers (TGill Ginger) seemed to be working out as I heard a yelp coming from around the bend and saw Hoss getting worked by a slab of a brown. With in mins Hoss had landed the first two 20s of the day on TGill Ginger. The rest of the morning I hung out with Alan and his daughter Alex as the rest of the group split up to find there own fish. It was a harder than normal day on the river. The afternoon sun casted our shadows on the water, making stealth and precise casts a must if we wanted even a chance. The group netted a handful throughout the afternoon making for a fun day out.  Then it happened.

There isn’t really anything you can do to prepare for when mr hog johnson is going to hit. To say its chaotic is an understatement. As I look back its just a blur of actions. After saying our good byes, Alan and Alex were on there way back. Helping out I hadn’t picked up my rod since 10am. I worked my way up stream working all possible banks with my TGill. With nothing wanting to play. (Which by now they had all been fished to multiple times)  FishBanks and I met up deciding to focus on a couple runs that I knew held some good fish. The first run produced a 19 for Banks. As we released his fish, I noticed a big dark shallow deep in the run. No way I thought, but as I took a step closer to be sure. It slowly moved up stream and out of site.  With a bunch of fallen logs across the river next to the main current. I was pretty sure that’s where that big fish was hanging out waiting for me to leave. So I cast up there, nothing. Then I made a longer cast, nothing. This time I put my fly basically in the debris. As it float down, I felt something tug, Instantly set the hook. FISH ON!!! From the head shakes and sheer weight I could tell this was a good fish. It ran all over the run trying to snag me on every downed tree in sight. But luck was on my side. I was able to some how pull him through the limbs. (The 12# test helped as well) But the fight had just begun. It then decided to make a streaming 100 yrd run down stream and well into my backing. I had two choices try to bring it back or follow. Without a chance to decided, I had to choose the latter. Rod high and waders filling up. I crossed the run and ran down stream, reeling as fast as I could. Line now dripping with moss, I thought he was done and I would bring him in from the big eddy he was resting. But as soon as I applied pressure. He ran downstream again, but this time around two huge boulders. I somehow managed to clear the line and he was still there. I had one more chance, there was a slower pool on river left and if I didn’t get him there he would be another story of the one that got away. Luckily the big fish was as tired as I was and I was able to slowly move him into the slower pool and Hoss netted him after nearly Bending his net in half. YES! I couldn’t wait to see this demon of a fish. As I gazed at him I couldn’t help thank him for not taking it easy on me. He was truly a trophy in every aspect of fly fishing and one that deserves respect and to swim free again. After a couple of quick pics. He was released to fill the the dreams of another lucky fishermen. With a huge grim on my face, I cut off my flies and walked to the truck. We weren’t blessed with the perfect day with overcast skies and a light snowfall, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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