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November 29, 2011

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contour roam hd cameraIn honor of Cyber Monday and really Cyber Week I wanted to post something about a new toy I got.  I have a good friend that is involved with Contour Inc.  This is a competitor of the GoPro HD cameras.  I had wanted a GoPro for a long time and when my buddy told me about the Contour cameras I had never heard of them before.  I took a look at them and loved some of the features.  With the Contour Roam camera it is water proof up to, I believe a couple meters, right out the box and there is no need for a water proof case.  Another one of their cameras has a really cool GPS feature and also a blue tooth video capability so you can actually see what is on the camera in your smart phone.  I ended up getting the Contour Roam because of the water proof feature and because it was so simple to use and setup.  I wanted to be able to take some good HD video under water.  All their cameras have the same types of mounts and gadgets as the GoPro so on that level they are very similar.  Over all there are things I like about the GoPro and the Contour but the price and easy of use the Contour is the winner for me.  The Contour Roam retails for $199.00.

I have shot a few videos with the Contour on the river and it worked awesome. the video at the bottom was of the first trout caught on camera.  I went to Wyoming to fish the west fork of the Allred River and landed a nice a brown.

Check out the Roam and other products here.

Contour Roam

cool video shot with the Contour

First video with the ContourRoam

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