The Best Oars and Blades in the Biz has a Holiday Special

November 28, 2011

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premier oars and bladesPremier Oars and Blades

I know I am throwing the “best oars and blades in the biz” out there rather loosely, but anyone that has ever used them (including myself) believes that they really are the best.

At this point it is really weird for me to row anything else.  I white water rafted and fly fished the selway river this summer with some other oars and it was excruciating getting used to the other oars.  I know it is individual preference, but when you try these oars and blades you realize a few things pretty quickly.  1. They are much lighter and easier to maneuver.  2. They worked ten times better in skinny water because the shape of the blade sits flush with the water so you are getting a greater percentage of the blade in the water.  3.  you get a better pull of water in deeper water because the surface area of the blade is larger than most.

Right now they boys at Premier Oars and Blades are having a Holiday Special. Check it out here!

Also, see these things in action:


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