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November 4, 2011

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Here is my list of my top 5 Fall flies.  I had a list of 10 but I figured I would narrow it down to 5 because out of the 10 I used these 5 flies 90% of the time in the Fall.  There are obvious factors that for this list and the number reason is the locations that I fish.  Most of these are go to flies anywhere and after I had my top 5 I realized that I don’t use a lot of unique flies.  I always see really cool patterns of flies from fly fisherman on the internet and think,  “I need to branch out and try some different fly patterns” but then it dawns on my that I catch a ton of fish with all the standard patterns so I always stay with my same old system.  I don’t really know what this has to do with my list but here it is.


fly fishing frenzy top 5 fall fliesGlow bug/Egg pattern:

The Glo-bug is one of a number of egg-flies that I use during the spawn/Fall time.  I do have a lot of different color beads as well so I can match the exact color eggs that I see. This pattern is supper effective in getting those fish to take when all they are thinking about is spawning.  I know this is a bit of sensitive fly/issue with some fisherman.  A lot of people don’t like to fish to spawning fish and that is their decision as well as the decision of other anglers to fish to spawners. Either way always handle fish with care and please avoid the redds.


fly fishing frenzy top 5 fall fliesRed Brassie:
This Red Brassie I don’t think is used by many people and quite frankly if it wasn’t for Travis “Dr” Gillespie I would have never started to use it.  I think that one of the reasons it is so effective is because it does imitate a midge with is always in the water but the red color attracts fish this time of year.  Also fishing it as your second fly is is great so when the fish refuses your first there is a smaller attractor fly they can take. Another good thing about this fly is that it is a bit heavier than other midge patterns because you wrap it in red wire and it can get to the bottom of the river easier.


Circus Peanut:

This is by far my favorite streamer for the last year or so.  This an articulated style streamer olive green with a dumbbell bead head, and red eyes.  I can’t really explain it but this has produced better than any other streamer that I have.  I love many others in my bag but I always seem to go back to the Circus Peanut.   The weight of the streamer is almost perfect for the way that I fish and the action is fantastic for the rivers, lakes and streams that I frequent.  This a a design from Kelly Galloup site and on there he says this, “This fly was designed by Russ Madden when he worked for me in Traverse City, Michigan. Simply put, I think this may be the best streamer on the planet today…enough said.” That statement is huge!!




The reason I chose this fly is because this bug is in every stretch of the Provo River and is a very common bug in still water fishing.  This bug will produce fish year around and should be one of those go to flies when nothing else seems to be working.  I fish all different sizes of this fly and varying from grey color, pink, orange, tan and green.  My favorite for river fishing is a tan color with a red strip of flash down the back.  When it comes to lakes I will fish this as a trailer to a leach and tie it with a small amount of weight.  I was also taught to oversize my scuds when lake fishing and that little trick has helped me catch more fish.


Flash Midge:

This bad boy is about as simple as it comes when tying flies.  I will fish this fly from a size 24 to a size 14.  The day I realized how good this fly was is when I was nymphing in a nice run and I could see the fish stacked up and they were not taking anything.  I had a few of these tied up and as last resort put on one and ended up catching about 7 in a row.  Since then I have used this fly in many different rivers and situations and it also seems to produce consistently.  Similar to the Red Brassie this is a great second fly and will get a lot of fish to go after it when they refuse your first fly.  Very simple concept for a midge, it attracts with the flash but is imitates a midge perfectly.  This is also great in the spring time during massive midge hatches.  One rule I always use is “when in doubt size down” when it comes to midge fishing.


fly fishing frenzy higa's sos flyHonorable mention is Higa’s SOS:

Been fishing this fly over a year now so I don’t have a lot of Fall season experience but I would bet it works all Fall long,




Well, there is my list.  Nothing fancy but here it is non the less.  Give some of these a try if you haven’t fished them often and let me know what you think.





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2 Responses to “Top 5 Fall Flies”

  1. The River Damsel Says:

    Wow…I better head over to the fly shop before going out tomorrow! I don’t even have three of these flies…Red Brassie, Circus Peanut, and the flash midge…I always use midges…but not with a flash. Worth a try! Thx!


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Emily, that flash midge and red brassie are so easy to tie if you tie some of your own flies. you might not find the flash midge in shops here as well as the Circus Peanut….in utah i can never find any of Galloups flies, i always have to order them from his site or load up when i can get into his shop.


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