Amazing Fall Color

November 2, 2011

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A week or so ago I went fishing with Travis “Doctor” Gillespie and we hit a few of our favorite fall fishing spots.  When we started fishing it was really cold but clear skies.  The best fishing we has was before the sun came out and started to heat up the surface of the water.   I thought that was a bit odd only because with my experience it seems that when the water temp heats up a bit the fishing heats up but it was the exact opposite. Overall we had an awesome day and landed some great fish.


One of the best things about trout in the Fall besides the fact that they are really active and aggressive, their colors get so accentuated.  The last fish of the day was by far the most amazing color I have ever seen on a trout.

fly fishing fall trout

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2 Responses to “Amazing Fall Color”

  1. Jake Says:

    Tiger trout? nice Dr. G.!


  2. The River Damsel Says:

    I want one of those tigers… : )


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