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So, I have heard from a number of different sources that the fish are getting active and aggressive.  Here is a quick river report on some of the rivers.

Weber and Ogden Rivers:

The Ogden River is running at good levels and is somewhat clear. You can’t go wrong with 18-20 black zebra midges. Your usual suspects will also do well,  flashback p.t., small hares ears, and sow bugs and small midges are also killer. The eveing caddis is still awesome but probably going to stop fairly quick with the colder weather.  Weber above Coalville I hear is fishing awesome.  With the Weber River, as the weather stays colder and water levels and temps drop look for aggressive trout in there pre spawn modes.  Between the dams is outstanding and try streamers against sloping banks, midge patterns when fish are noseing, caddis during the middle of the day, and emergers in late afternoon.  Personally I love throwing streamers this time of year.   If you do that then you usually need to cover a lot of water and hit most areas on the banks and quick runs where the aggressive trout will be holding just waiting for something they can ambush.  This time of year a lot of anglers get out so as you cover a lot of water just remember to be polite as you move up and down the river.


Middle Provo River:

When I fished the middle a few weeks ago it was amazing, water levels and temp were great as well.  I was there from about 3 until dark and only threw dry files.  I know it is much colder now so you will not see the same level of dry fly activity but there are still good hatches everyday, weather permitting.  Same suggestions on the Middle Provo as the Weber river.  Aggressive trout are becoming more abundant and you can target them with streamers along the banks and quicker water.  It is also a great opportunity for Czech nymphing.  I have been practicing my Czech nymphing this past year and have had much more success catching more fish and larger fish.  If you are going to by nymphing the standard bugs are a must Pheasant tails, Higas SOS, Hare’s Ears, Eggs, midges and sow bugs.  Again with the colder weather coming on I suggest down sizing if you are not picking up fish to a size 18 or smaller of the mentioned nymphs and all dry flies.  Side note look for Rainbows coming out of Deer Creek heading up past Charleston Bridge.


Lower Provo River:

I drove past the Lower Provo River a few times this past week and it also looks amazing.  The levels look a bit high for this time of year but the water is crystal clear.  Anglers are having great success with mid day dry fly action on the warmer days using BWO patterns as well as smaller Parachute Adams.  If you are fishing a hatch try using a dry-dropper rig for the curious trout that will look at the dry, a lot of time they will take the dropper if they refuse your top fly.  Nymphing will be the same as above for the most part, Pheasant tails, Higas SOS, Hare’s Ears, Eggs, Midges and Sow bugs. There really are a ton of nymph options for the type of bugs that are in the river.  One thing I was told by Lance Egan once was “As long as you have confidence in your fly you will consistently catch fish”.  I should have mentioned this before but for all rivers PLEASE keep your eyes open for the reds, they will be starting show up.  I think it is still a bit early but just throwing it out there as a friendly reminder.


I know some of you probably don’t fish to spawning fish, I do and I wanted to reminder everyone to handle all fish with care especially this time of year.


Here is a list of other rivers that are great fishing this time of year.  I list these as options if you see the crowds getting out of hand on the Provo.  All these rivers are listed on the DWR fishing reports.

Thistle creek, Hobble Creek, Tibble Fork Res, American Fork River, Huntington River, Logan River, Blacksmith Fork, Price River…..etc.  If you have time then head to the Green!

fall trout fishing fly fishing frenzy

fall trout fishing fly fishing frenzy

fall trout fishing fly fishing frenzy

fall trout fishing fly fishing frenzy









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