Channel to Rule Two Lakes

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I’ve always heard about the Lewis Channel, but never fished it.  Well, that changed last weekend when Yetter and I loaded up the canoe and headed up to Lewis Lake. We camped there that night and woke early to fly fish Yellowstone National Park.  It had been nearly 8 years since I fly fished inside Yellowstone National Park, so I was due.

Lewis Lake sits southeast of Old Faithful on John D. Rockefeller Hwy.  The neat thing about this lake is that there is a channel at the north end of the lake that connects to Shoshone Lake.  Shoshone lake is the largest lake in the continental US that isn’t accessible by roads.  The only way to access it is by the channel or hiking to it.

So our venture began. We awoke to a brisk 28 degrees (seems balmy compared to today in Idaho) and got our canoe on the water. We headed straight for the channel.  We canoed up the channel and I picked up a beautiful brown.  We fished as we went, but mostly soaked in the beauty and remoteness that this place had to offer.  We soon ditched the canoe and hiked the rest of the way to Shoshone.  There were a bunch of fish rising in one spot at the mouth of Shoshone, but unfortunately two fisherman were on them.  Instead of crowding them we hiked on and eventually went back to the canoe and head back down the channel.  We had a few pick ups there and Yetter landed a gorgeous Brown.

Our fishing was cut short because the rain and lightning came in and if it wasn’t for our mad canoeing skills we might have been stranded in the middle of Lewis Lake.   We barely made it to shore before the downpour hit!

To do Lewis and Shoshone Lake justice, you need about 3 – 4 days.

There are some many places to fly fish in Yellowstone National Park.  I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface.

Here are some pics of the trip.


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  1. Troutdawg Says:

    Gorgeous place, man do I miss fishing there. Thanks for the post!


    Chubbs Reply:

    It is an awesome place. I think to do it right you need 3 – 5 days there! :)


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