Don’t Mess with a Guy on a Buffalooooo!

September 30, 2011

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Friday Funnies

It’s been a while since we had Friday Funnies, but Frenzier Jake B turned me onto this cherry little series of an outdoorsman that rides a buffalo as he embarks upon numerous adventures and laughs in the face of danger.  But hey, who wouldn’t when you ride a buffalo?

Episodes 1 & 2



5 Responses to “Don’t Mess with a Guy on a Buffalooooo!”

  1. Alex Landeen Says:



    Chubbs Reply:

    Doesnt it make you wanna ride a buffalo?


    Alex Landeen Reply:

    …and step on an indian’s foot and punch a cougar in the face.


  2. Royal Wulff aka Mike Says:

    lookout varmits, don’t mess with the guy on a buffalo! just great, I’ll be humming this song all day tomorrow on the river….’guy on a buffalo–oh-oh.’


    Chubbs Reply:

    haha. i’m still humming it. my wife is sick of hearing it. :)


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