Adam Barker Photography

September 26, 2011


adam barker photography 

Facebook Feature

I love outdoor photography.  I am not good at taking pictures so I leave it up to others but I love looking at photographers work like JayMorr, Adam Barker, Richard Schaaff, Brian O’Keefe, Alex Landeen, Arron Otto and many others.  I saw this picture from Adam Barker on Facebook and I tell you what, I am jones’n for some fall fishing.  I love the colors, the weather and most important I love aggressive trout.  The last few years I have been throwing streamers a lot more searching for that “Walter” trout, as we like to say in my family.  A Walter fish may not be the fish of a life time but is so big and strong when it hits that huge nasty streamer you know you just pissed the hell out of a trout.  I hope this fall I can find “Walter”.

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3 Responses to “Adam Barker Photography”

  1. JayMorr Says:

    Thanks for the shout! Fall is a great time of year to get the camera out and get some beautiful images.

    Adam’s image is another great example of why I love to fly fish behind a camera. Good stuff.


  2. Bruce Says:

    I am definitely looking for that Walter trout too! Adam Barker photographs are stunning!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tight Lines to you Mate!


  3. Online Photography Classes Says:

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