Big Fish Challenge

August 30, 2011

Big Fish Challenge

The local fishing tournament “The Big Fish Challenge” came to an end.  It seems to have been a success.  There was some great fish caught and awesome prizes won.  I have listed the Grand Prize winners below.  The fisherman fished three rivers the Provo River, Green River and the Weber River. The grand prize winner had the most inches from one fish from each river.

Chris Greenwood
PROVO RIVER: 17 1/2″ Brown
GREEN RIVER: 17″ Rainbow
WEBER RIVER: 19 1/4″ Brown
TOTAL: 53 3/4″


Prizes Won
Description Retail Amount
Hendrix Outdoors – The Truckee River Wader $219.95
Hendrix Outdoors – The Gunnison River Wading Boot $99.95
Hendrix Outdoors – The Klamath Wet/Dry Bag $74.95
Sierra Stick & Sierra Reel – Yosemite series combo $49.95
White River ZIG JIGS – CrossFire Rod $141.50
White River ZIG JIGS – Assorted Color Pack (3 dozen) $36.00
Assorted Dynamic Lures $50.00
Pod Pack – (Sponsored by Scuds) $80.00
Grand Total: $752.30



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2 Responses to “Big Fish Challenge”

  1. Dan Bischoff Says:

    Wow. I thought the winner would have some huge fish. These are decent fish, but nothing huge. Interesting that the Weber got the biggest brown.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    i know, the problem is that i wasn’t fishing in it. i would have landed much bigger fish.


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