Record Rainbow Trout Caught in God’s Country

July 29, 2011

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Record Rainbow Trout caught in Idaho

American Falls Reservoir yields another record Rainbow Trout!  This Trout shattered the previous record 14.72 lbs.  That is the stuff of legends!  Chuck Norris would be proud!

Here is the excerpt from the Pocatello newspaper site:

“Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials say a 41-year-old railroad engineer has shattered a state record with this 34.74-pound rainbow trout.

Union Pacific Railroad locomotive engineer Mark Adams caught the lunker in American Falls Reservoir Monday morning. It took Adams 15 minutes to bring in the trout, which broke old state record by 14.72 pounds.

Adams tells the Idaho State Journal that he and his fishing buddy first thought the fish was a carp because it didn’t have a lot of color. Adams called another friend who advised him to get his catch to a certified scale.

Regional Fisheries Biologist David Teuscher he’s checking national records to see how Adams’ catch measures up.

Montana records show a 33.1-pound rainbow was caught in the Kootenai River in 1997.”

What a Monster!!


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  1. George Says:

    Great pic! What did you catch that monster on? If you dont mind me asking


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