Have a good week

July 18, 2011


Hopefully these pictures will make you have a better Monday and a better week.  The rivers around here are finally coming down and there are more places that are fishable.  I know if the western states in general the water is down a bit, not off color and fishable.

These great pictures are from my good Friend Travis Gillespie.  All these pictures were caught in 2010 and put on his big fish, big fight, great color and special fish list.  There are some awesome fish here and I was privileged to be present with some of the fish were caught.  In the list we have Tiger Trout, Colorado Cutthroats, Provo River Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout from Utah and Montana, Provo River Walleye (yes Travis caught a Walleye on the Provo River), Green River Brown Trout and Stripper Bass from Lake Powell.











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2 Responses to “Have a good week”

  1. cliftz Says:

    ahh, wonderful compilation!


  2. John Says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for the post. Do you do these weekly? If not then you should start.

    Have a great hump-day!


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