Proud to be an American

July 5, 2011


I saw this picture today on Jason Morrison’s Facebook profile.  People that follow our blog know that we love JayMorr Photography and with his pictures of this Bald Eagle he has out done himself.  Last night as I sat in amazment of all the aireal fire works that were going off around my home I couldn’t help reflect on how proud I am to live in the United States of America.  When I saw this eagle it reminded me again of how special our country is.  Thank you Jason of posting.

There are a few picrtures on his site please go check them out.  He sells prints of all of his stuff so if you want anything let him know.

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One Response to “Proud to be an American”

  1. JayMorr Says:

    Thank you for the blog post! I always appreciate getting the updates in my email box. You guys rock.

    I am also very proud to be an American. This photograph of a Bald Eagle was taken this year in Feb. 2011. It is a constant reminder of our freedom and the beautiful country we live in. I am grateful that we have these blessings and the freedom to enjoy fly fishing and photography.

    Thanks again you guys. Keep up the great work!


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