Pics of the Week. Fishin in Style, YO!

June 1, 2011

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Pics of the Week

Frenziers!! I hope everyone had a killer Memorial Weekend. Sorry for the delay and getting a post up, but we are loaded with some good stuff for the upcoming weeks.

Today’s pic of the week entails Jake Butikofer fishing in style on this years frenzy fly fishing in Montana, sporting his Seal/Bear/Mink/Otter Hide. To be honest, I don’t know what it is made of, but it must have an affinity for fish because he landed a football on Clark Canyon.



7 Responses to “Pics of the Week. Fishin in Style, YO!”

  1. Jake Says:

    that fish wanted a closer look at my coat.


    Jake Reply:

    thanks to Jerry Gene Garn for the bear rug coat!


    Chubbs Reply:

    That coat is in the frenzy hall of fame!


    Chubbs Reply:

    I think every animal wanted a closer look. They couldn’t behold the awesomeness!


  2. Jon Van Buren Says:

    Nice fish Butikofer!!


  3. Cortney Says:

    Jake, can I borrow that jacket….I just want to cut a few things off it. Nice fish homey!


  4. cliftz Says:

    nice fish.
    man, that coat’s a keeper. ;-P


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