Thank you Madison River

May 14, 2011

Madison River

With our recent trip to Montana we spent a few days on the Madison River and we shot about an hour of Dave Hancey pulling out one fish after another.  At one point he casted 12 times and landed 7 fish.

The Madison River is very special place to the Frenziers.  We have spent many hours and days on that river and it has become a spiritual and emotional part of our lives.  This video is a tribute to the Madison and also to Dave Hancey, among the guys in the Frenzy group he has fished these waters with passion and respect.

I hope to some what I just said makes sense.  Fly Fishing to me is spiritual and I believe that you must give respect to the waters and fish that allow you to fish them.

I titled the video “Seven for Twelve” and put it to some music from River Runs Through It,  I couldn’t think of better music to put on the video that would help bring out the emotion of this place.



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5 Responses to “Thank you Madison River”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Sweet video. Every year on Memorial Day me and a group of buddies pay a visit to Three Dollar Bridge for a day of worship. My buddy Marck crushes ’em while I and others basically walk the river banks hoping for one fish all day. I think Marck and Dave need to fish together.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    There is just something special about that river. Dave definitely has it dialed in there.


  2. jerry garn Says:

    Awesome video
    F on!!


  3. Owl Jones Says:

    I can feel ya on some of the spiritual aspect of the sport, but I’m not sure the river or the fish have a choice in “allowing” us to fish them. I mean, it’s not like the fish are capable of not biting when we….wait a minute. Maybe you’re on to something here….

    Great video!


    Big Hoss Reply:



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