The Costa Rica Challenge: A Teaser in Pictures.

May 2, 2011

Costa Rica Challenge

The Costa Rica Challenge

There will be trailer soon, which you won’t want to miss, but until then here is another teaser in the form of pictures.  Thanks to the Fly Max Film boys for the pics.  Weird how their pics are so much better than mine. :)



2 Responses to “The Costa Rica Challenge: A Teaser in Pictures.”

  1. gary Says:

    I finally saw something worse than a show where 30 mins. Of guys reeling in fish. This show with you five guys was so F-in lame. 20 minutes into the 30 minute show I get a bunch of boring chatter. Some guy driniking hot sauce and making stupid noises. You guys are in love with yourselves. 24 minutes in two dropped Tarpon and a blue runner.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    wow, tell us how you really feel.


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