Pic of the Week. The Emotion of Landing the Silver King!

April 25, 2011

Frenzy, Tarpon

Pic of the Week

I really dig this pic!  There battle fought between big fish and angler is a rare experience that creates an extraordinary rush of endorphins to the brain.  Once the battle is won the triumph can be overwhelming.  There exists true respect for the fish that has battled its foe.  Fly fishing for monster tarpon is a true battle.

This pic captures all that emotion!  Thanks to Stephan for giving me permission to post to the Frenzy!


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One Response to “Pic of the Week. The Emotion of Landing the Silver King!”

  1. Preston Says:

    what an awesome picture, such raw emotion. that goes for any trophy fish, once you have it in your hands the reality of your accomplishment rushes over you and it is truely overwhelming. thanks for sharing this.


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