What Does She Really Mean?

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How many of you out there have ever misinterpreted something you wife or girlfriend said? How many times has ‘Oh, that’s fine’ really meant, “if you even think of doing that you will be living with the dog”? Do you have challenges knowing what she really means?

Well look no further! Behold the Manslator!



2 Responses to “What Does She Really Mean?”

  1. Les Booth Says:

    Oh, yeah. Like it’s really… ‘THAT’ easy.

    OK. One could hope.

    That bit-o-tech could actually stop wars!! Too funny.

    Now.. if they only had a techno-de-vice that would provide a ‘convincing’ stream of consciousness…

    METHINK: “I really need to go fishing.”
    WIFETALK: “Dear, I’ve been thinking, you REALLY should go fishing. Sure it’s a bit out of the budget, we’ll manage. You NEED it.”

    {Real.Time.Analysis: Really! She means it and she cares. And there won’t be any ‘visits’ by unknown bucks while you’re gone. And she’s not going to ask for ‘equal time shopping’. For real! You’re GTG!! (Good To Go) }


    Chubbs Reply:

    haha! the one that really gets me in trouble is when my wife says, “It’s no big deal”. Translation, “That is a huge deal and if you don’t think that will bug the crap out of me for years to come, you have another thing coming” :)


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