Frenzy Poetry

March 29, 2011


I found this short poetry quote going through some of my Dad’s fishing binders where he kept all his reports and secret spots and I really liked it so here it is.  I don’t know who wrote it so if anyone has heard it before let me know the author.


“The glowing lights of late afternoon, the scent of winter wood, the sound of water; each is complete in itself. They are pieces of a larger whole. Few elements of this whole we call nature bring us into more intimate contact with its beauty or with our wonder than the creature we call trout or the activity we call angling. To see the glow, to smell the wood, to hear the water – to feel the heft of a good fish is to be alive.”

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3 Responses to “Frenzy Poetry”

  1. Les Booth Says:

    The quote above, you have asked if anyone could identity. Well, I knew it sounded familiar and it took a bit of digging, but here you go.

    The author is Steven J. Myers and he wrote this in his book, ‘The Nature of Fly Fishing’.

    The link is:

    Thanks for ‘making me’ dig this up. It’s a wonderful quote. I have locked it away in my list of favored FFing quotes.

    Again, thank you for the revisit to gracious fly-fishing language.



    Big Hoss Reply:

    awesome research…..thank you.


  2. Rick Says:

    I really like that. Thanks for sharing it and to your father for keeping it.


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