Cutt Paradise. Pyramid Lake.

March 23, 2011


Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake

I’ve personally never fly fished Pyramid Lake, but from what I have seen and heard big Cutts reside there!

Check out this cool vid!

7 Responses to “Cutt Paradise. Pyramid Lake.”

  1. Jordan Gillespie Says:

    This might be the worst video ever made with some of the best fish caught.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    couldn’t of said it better.


    Bryce Reply:

    If it weren’t for those damn fish, I would have shut that video off….but for some sick reason, I couldn’t get myself to actually leave.


    Chubbs Reply:

    haha! aren’t those fish sick? that is why the vid is so compelling. you sit there think, ‘what is this music and shaky camer’, then you see the fish and it is like ‘what the…’ I’ve got to get to Pyramid Lake!


    Jordan Gillespie Reply:

    I went out there that same weekend. It was a zoo with people, but fishing that lake is a total blast!! Each cast you have the chance to catch the biggest fish you have ever seen. We should get a trip out there in April. I hear that the best time to hit it.

  2. Chubbs Says:

    i’d love to hit it in April!


  3. Jay Says:

    I have buddies in Reno and they say that the lake can be hit or miss, but when you hit…what a HIT! I will in the area doing clinicals next year, so hopefully I will get a chance to tangle with some big ones.


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