Montana Loop

March 21, 2011

Fly Fishing Montana

Frenzy trip 2011.  We are going to hit these Montana rivers the first of May.  Need some feedback on some of these rivers and how they fish in the first of May.  Please comment on what rivers you have fished before.

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  1. brian burt Says:

    I fish those area pretty hard. Look for overcast days and use midges, zebra midges, prince nymphs and griffths gnats. contact me anytime for questions man.. fishing good right now, but can be hard this time of year. Good luck


    Big Hoss Reply:

    great info……Which rivers do you fish the most?


  2. Ivan Says:

    streamers. You might get into some march browns and mothers day caddis (specifically on the big hole, rock creek, and blackfoot), depending on the flows and water temps. It might be a little early for those flows though.


    Ivan Reply:

    It might be a little early for those hatches (not flows) though.


  3. Brian Burt Says:

    i fish the Madison and henry’s the . I also have a lot of friends that fish those other waters on a daily basis. I talk to them often and from what they tell me the reports seems to be ok to good fishing.

    the big hole is fishing just ok right now. the part i like to fish the most is between Jerry Creek and Dewey. I fish Buggers, flashback hares ears, midgesgriffiths gnats and BWO parachute there. Use about a 12 foot leader, and i double taper or use ome kind of streamer sink tip for that part.

    Rock Creek: is pushing around 215 CfS last time i checked and should be good. lots of ice but still able to find open water with some good runs. I use midges, stone patterns, and copper jons do real well. use a normal 9 foot leader and go to about 3x to 4x tippet there.

    The blackfoot is one i fish pretty hard and often. But right now the fishing is just OK. It is running about 50% higher than normal flows for this time of year and fish the upper reaches above Clearwater this time of year. Use sculpins, buggers, stones, copper johns, san juan, and i have had success with griffiths gnats too. 9 foot leader 2x or 3x tipppet pound test.

    The Missouri below Holter Dam is good right now but a little high for flows. I fish the dam to Dearborn and use a mirage nymph and sowbugs. but i usually do best with my go too bugger in olive or brown.I fish a 9 foot leader with about 4x to 5x tippest test

    The Madison i break into two parts. between Quake lake and Ennis and that strecth is fishing ok right now. should pick up if we can actually get some stable weather. I use a batis, adams, and griffiths gnats mainly. 9 foot leader with 4x tippet test.
    the madison below Ennis was better for me a couple weeks ago. Fish around beartrap canyon and use lightening bug, clouser crayfish, Vernile San Juan, and a WD-40. every now and then i throw a sparkle dun and do well too.

    I fish the Henry’s Fork the most and it is by far one of my favorite places. You will probably see me out there if you go. The upper fork was fishing a little slower than below ashton reservoir. The weather has been crap but use pheasant tail nymphs, kaufmanns stones pmd cripplesadams and even a stimulator and you should do well.

    Hope that helps


    Big Hoss Reply:

    awesome info….thanks!!!!


  4. Bob Harris Says:

    I can only comment on the Henry’s, but I’m sure you know everything about that river since it is the closer of the bunch. I just wanted to throw in a comment on a lake that is near Anaconda, a little ways past Dillon called Georgetown Lake. I went there last August and fished a couple of days. In the evening there was an olive caddis hatch that was amazing. Nothing like catching a ton of fish on dries on a lake. File that for future reference if you are looking to fish a stillwater up in those parts. Denny Rickards has that lake in his top 10 stillwater fisheries.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    well….I think i just put that lake on the list. i love dries on still water. thank you!


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