February 28, 2011

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It is about time someone puts together a local fishing tournament on local waters.  Now it isn’t a fly fishing only but still very cool that we have someone putting this together.  The BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a catch-and-release fishing competition to see which angler can catch the biggest trout in length. This competition is open to all artificial lure fisherman.

See all info below.  I am going to enter and try my hand at it for sure.

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In accordance with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, their competition rules state that a competition consisting of a cold water fish (trout) on a body of water that has a possession limit of less than 4 fish, then that competition cannot exceed more than 49 anglers per day. As a result of that, we will only able be able to accept the first 49 registered anglers per day. When you register, each angler will need to select the day they want to fish. 

BIG FISH CHALLENGE Competition Days and Fees
Weber River: June 25 (Sat), 2011
*(Online registration end date June 18)
Provo River: July 16 (Sat), 2011
*(Online registration end date July 9)
Green River: August 13 (Sat), 2011
*(Online registration end date August 6)
Registration Fee: $45 (online registration only)
*Register online early to secure your spot.
*Fees goes towards: supplies povided to the anglers, food, advertisement, competition expenses and a river clean-up sponsorship.


  • Online registration only click here to register.
  • Day of competition check in starts as early as 7 am.
  • Each fisherman will need to check in at the registration booth prior to starting the competition. Each fisherman will receive a registration bag. Each bag will include:
    • BIG FISH CHALLENGE Digital Camera (*to be returned at end of competition)
    • Cabelas fish measuring trough (*to be returned at end of competition)
    • BIG FISH CHALLENGE competition t-shirt
    • Registration card with Lanyard
    • BIG FISH CHALLENGE car sticker
    • Sponsor coupons and marketing

Food will be provide to all participating anglers for all 3 meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Competition Rules

  • Each fisherman needs to follow the rules of the river.
  • Each angler needs a fishing license.
  • Follow all Utah DWR rules of the river.
  • Barbless artificial flies and lures only.
  • A fish 15” or longer will be accepted as a BIG FISH catch worthy of judging. Any catch less than 15” will not be accepted. Once the BIG FISH is caught take a digital picture of the fish in the provided measuring trough and then quickly release the fish back into the river (this is a catch and release only competition. Any fish not released and used for proof of catch will not be accepted and the angler will be disqualified).*Click here for best practices for catch-and-release & measuring a fish


  • All anglers with a BIG FISH catch (15″ or longer) worthy of judging need to bring their digital camera to the judges booth for the images to be downloaded, reviewed and approved. The judge will review the images and note the length of the fish. Make sure that all fish caught 15″ or longer are recorded with the judges. All entries will be needed to help break a tie. The judge has the final say on all results.
  • All anglers need to have their results returned to a judge’s booth prior to the end of the competition (6 pm).
  • The results of the competition will be announced at 7:00 pm. Anglers do not need to be present to win.
  • Tie Break Rules: If there is a tie then the judges will use the following factors first to break the tie: girth, maturity, color, and visible heath of the fish. If there is still a tie then the judges will look for additional BIG FISH catches submitted by the anglers. If this occurs then the tie break will go to the angler that caught the two biggest fish in length. If the judges still can’t successfully break the tie then the award will be divided amongst the fisherman in the tie.


  • The champion in will receive a BIG FISH CHALLENGE champion hat.
  • Grand prizes for each class, Adult and Youth include: Sponsor products *see below table for prize amounts.
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of each river’s competition at 7 pm.
  • Prizes for the Tri-River Tournament will be awarded at the Provo River.


Grand prize amounts for each river
Weber River: $500
Provo River: $500
Green River: $500
Tri-River Tournament: $1000

Tri-River Tournament

This is an additional competition for fisherman fishing on all rivers: Weber, Green and Provo. Each fisherman will need to register a BIG FISH catch on each river and whomever catches the three fish totaling the most in length on all three rivers wins.


You can decide to enter this competition at any time prior to the start of the Green River event. The winner of the Tri-River Tournament will receive the grand prize of *$1000.

*in sponsor products.

Stop the Spread of Aquatic Disease

BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a strong supporter of stopping the spread of aquatic diseases and supports the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with their prevention.

*Click here to find out how you can help.




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