Big Browns Small Flies

February 23, 2011

Fly Fishing Utah

big brown troutLast Tuesday I took the day off and headed to one of my favorite spots hoping for some big winter browns. I had stocked up with Higa’s SOS flies that he tied for me and a bunch of other small midge patterns. I knew it would be a warmer day so I was hoping for some top water action with midges. I ended up tying up all different types of midges from adults to emergers and sizes 16 to 24. Honestly tying size 24’s is almost impossible with my fat fingers but I managed to get a few done. I knew that I would hate myself if I was on the river and didn’t have small enough flies. I have been in many winter midges hatches wishing I had smaller flies.
While tying I think I came with my first unique fly. I am sure someone else has tied it before but I haven’t seen it before so I am going to call it my own. I don’t have a name for it yet so I might need some help. Also when I post a picture of it and if anyone has seen it before don’t burst my bubble and tell me…..haha, just kidding. I will post a picture this week.

When we got to the river we started a little slow, we hooked a few fish but didn’t get anything into the net.  We stayed in a nice hole that we thought we produce a nice midge hatch when it warmed up but after about an hour or so we realized that most likely a midge hatch wouldn’t happen.  We ended up moving down river hitting a few nice runs hooking and landing a couple fish.  We eventually made it to our favorite place on the river and when we got there we immediately starting catching fish.  The bottom line is we killed it the rest of the day, at one point I think I caught 4 fish with 4 casts.

It was a perfect day for not being on the water for more than a month, we had to make the day count and we did.

big brown trout

daves big brown trout

big brown trout

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5 Responses to “Big Browns Small Flies”

  1. Doug Murray Says:

    Yo homes
    I went out last Friday, Saturday and this Tues, all on the North Fork of the Poudre here on my property. Been awhile but the warm snap had me jonesan. Got about a dozen on tiny 20-22 size dries both Friday and Sat. As you know I never remember the names. Green bodies, white hackle with a white button on top. Anyway, Tues was slower because the wind came up and it got damned cold. But most of the fish were in the 15-18″ range, equal mix of browns and rainbows. It was AWESOME. Now its snowing and icing up the river again…:-(


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Sounded like a blast…..any pictures to share?


  2. Andy Rank Says:

    The best move you made was to tie a variety of flies. You are so right. Nothing is worse than being on the river wishing you had tied a specific fly.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    thanks for the comment, I hate not having the exact fly I need. I have never taken my fly tying stuff to the river but I would if it was easier to pack it around.



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