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October 12, 2010

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Scandalous Sticks

I got my scandalous stick about 1 year ago and it has been a favorite rod ever since.  It is a 9ft 6 wt and works like a charm.  The make of such a sweet rod is none other than Stephen Vance.  He has taken his passion for fly fishing and rod building to a whole nutha level, and is cranking these beauties out.

Here is a little more about the man we call Scandalous Steve:

From the mouth of Stephen, “I started fly fishing at age 7 when a neighbor gave me an old fiberglass fly rod that had a few eyes missing. I went to the library in search of a book that would teach me how to fix the classic rod that had been gifted to me. Little did I know that my life would never be the same.

I found an old book that I read a few times before the rod was repaired. I worked for a different neighbor to earn the money to purchase everything I needed. When I was done, the rod came to life in my hands and it moved with such grace that I couldn’t put it down.

One day my father came home with a VHS copy of A River Runs Through IT. I was hooked. I spent countless hours practicing on my front lawn casting over and over again, until one day I came to a realization. This was in fact what I loved most in life.

Later in my youth as a late teen, I joined the U.S Air Force where I stayed for way too many years. I endured more then any one person should, but Fly fishing was always the one constant that never left my sight. Some thought I was crazy in the Middle East, tying flies like a mad man, but they knew that I was doing what I loved. Many enjoyed watching me and asking questions about the pile of furs, and feathers and I answered it all with enthusiasm.

Alas, I left the military and embarked on a journey to follow my dream of fly fishing and building the best rods possible. Now I Live the Lifestyle Addiction.”

Stephen Vance

Stephen has since dedicated himself to making the best rods in the business.  He does Fiberglass, Switch Rods, Single hand Fly Rods and even Spey Rods. They are all custom made with love!

For those of you interested in throwing with the best rods out there and ready to live the lifestyle addiction (Scandalously) then visit Scandalous Sticks

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  1. MacRowdy Says:

    Scandalous!!!!! Solid work guys! And Kuddos Steve! My Scandalous stick is rockin strong! Killer for throwin double streamers as well as droppin delicate dries.

    Keep it up!



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