Wrestling Tigers on a Fly

September 28, 2010

Africa, Dream Destinations

Fly Fishing for Tigerfish

Fly Fishing for Tigerfish in Africa is definitely on my ‘bucket list‘.  They just seem like powerful, aggressive fish that would battle till the end.  And then I watch videos like this and it just gets me jonesing even more.


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  1. steve Says:

    My wife and I have fished for tiger fish in Tanzania with Keith and the other guides from Tourette Fly Fishing. In fact we were on the rivers in this video. the last photo is of me and my wife release a tigerfish double both 14 lbs. We landed over 30/day of these fish on several days, mostly less than 10lbs but with a few big ones thrown in. We did not get a 20lb fish but one of the fellow on out trip did get one. This is way out in the middle of no where, tents, limited power but great food, lots of wine and beer and all around an amazing trip.
    These are great fish, hit hard, jump and fight like mad.
    Definitely worth keeping on your bucket list. If you have the time and some extra cash, take a while to visit the game reserves of kenya or zimbabwe. the accommodations are outstanding and seeing elephants, lions, zebra, girafes in the wild is amazing.


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