Frenzy Day 2. The Idaho Perspective.

August 15, 2010


Fly Fishing Frenzy 2010

Sorry for the delay, in posting about Frenzy 2010.  It has been a crazy summer.  Hoss is way ahead of me, but I still wanted to get in some posts.

After a night of Craigos pizza we all awoke bright and early.  Hoss and the Utah boys minus the Counselor headed to Harriman State Park to hunt the fish with PhDs in snobbery.

The Idaho boys plus the Counselor hit Bitch Creek.  It is aptly named for the challenge in hiking out, ifyaknowhaimsayin!  It was a great time.  We fishing up the Bitch and up the Teton and down.  We caught lots of Cutts.  After about 5 hours we then met up with the Utah gang, set up camp, and all headed to Harriman for the night.

There was a great hatch going on, but we never nailed the biguns.

Here are some pics of Day 2.


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