The Famous Fisherman’s Breakfast!

June 5, 2010

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St. Anthony Idaho’s Fisherman’s Breakfast

Friday May 28th was the 55th Annual Fisherman’s Breakfast in St. Anthony Idaho.  This was the first time I had attended in about 8 years.  I got the invite from long time attendee Jeff Harris from Sugar City.  We cruised up early in the morning and had decent weather, great food, and a good time. If you have never attended, then you need to make it a point to get our there!

Here is an excerpt from KIDK on the history of the Fisherman’s Breakfast:

“Friday morning was the 55th annual Free Fisherman’s Breakfast in St. Anthony. Every year around 5-thousand people attend the festivities that kick off the fishing and outdoor season.

But how did the Fisherman’s Breakfast tradition start? In 1955 motorists traveling through St. Anthony were given coupons for free coffee and doughnuts at local cafes. The event grew over the years into a free breakfast served at Clyde Keefer Park.

These days, everyone comes to the Fisherman’s Breakfast for a different reason.

“To eat.”

“To hang out with my friends, and eat the really good food.”

“I come to the Fisherman’s Breakfast to meet people, see people I haven’t seen for a lot of years that come back every year.”

“I think it’s a good chance to get out to know people in your community.”

A good chance because to get your free breakfast, you’ll waiting the longest line St. Anthony sees all year long.

“I come here every year because it’s fun.”

Everything about the Fisherman’s Breakfast is tradition, including the hash browns, pancakes, and sausages.

“It’s the same every year… Pancakes, hash browns, and sausages.”

“It kicks off the season for summer activities. Your fishing, your camping, your boating. All of the activities that really bring out Eastern Idaho I think.”

But whatever the reason people attend, or the tradition they choose to take part of, there’s one reason above all that makes St. Anthony’s biggest event of the year something everybody in the community admires.

“Because it’s all volunteer, everything here is volunteer.”

The food is donated, the servers volunteer, and the whole event feels special.

And now that the Fisherman’s Breakfast is out of the way, starting tomorrow you can pull out those fishing rods and take part in the first day of the fishing season.”

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