Should have been on the Beaverhead but the Provo will do.

May 22, 2010

Provo River

I was planning on going to Missoula for work this weekend and on the way I was going to fish the Beaverhead but I stayed home to attend some important family activities.  I figured I needed to get on the water to try and make up for not hitting Montana waters.  I decided to do a little video on the Provo River because I haven’t done one for a while.  The water was clear and the flows were nice and fish were everywhere.  One of these times I am going to bring a few cameras and do a true survivorman video so I can actually show myself catching fish.



2 Responses to “Should have been on the Beaverhead but the Provo will do.”

  1. the flytyinfreak Says:

    Nice video! I always enjoy your excursions n the provo. Had to laugh when you were speechless describing that big airborne rainbow who “gave you the fin and spit the hook.”


    the flytyinfreak Reply:

    BTW gonna be moving to Idaho Falls area in about 3 weeks!!!Can’t wait. Any other Frenzy fans in the area wanna trade free lunch for fishin trips let me know.


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