First Clean & Cast=Success

April 20, 2010

Clean and Cast

by Travis Gillespie

Thank You Everyone that Participated in the First UFFC (Utah Fly Fishing Club) Clean & Cast!!! It was a huge success and I am proud to say we made a difference today! Anglers form all over the state joined forces today to clean up the Middle Provo River as well as enjoy fishing on a nice new and improved river. The day started at the Hub Cafe in Heber, as anglers met for a tasty home cooked breakfast as well as setting up the days events and of course talking fishing. After a short introduction and thanking those that support UFFC (Kiss The Catch Rod Company, Provo River Fly Fishermen, Fly Fishing Frenzy, and hopefully more in the future) we split the river into 8 river beats and headed in groups of two and three to cover each beat with garbage sacs in hand. The clean up proved as I had thought. 90%of the trash was rear roads and parking areas, the most common trash was beer cans and plastic bottles. We did however pull a bike out of the river as well as a couple lawn chairs and big plastic bucket. In all we hauled out more that 15 garbage sacs of trash that littered our water. After the cleaning, we meet to award those that deserved it.  Emily aka FlyGirl came away with a new fly box as well as 3 dozen BWOs flies! With the hatch just getting underway and the whole river clean, groups split up in hopes of using some of the karma that they had earned. Honestly, the fishing was just the cherry that topped off an amazing day with those that understand that giving back is more important than just taking. And yes karma was on our side, as the fishing was great! So, all you out there that are thinking about coming to the next Clean & Cast or any UFFC event. Take that next step in Fly Fishing and give back. I know you will be glad you did.

Travis Gillespie-UFFC Founder

Here are some pictures:

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  1. Chubbs Says:

    Ramey, that first picture looks like you are telling fish stories again. :)


    Big Hoss Reply:

    it helps with the fish stories when you have 7 foot wing span.


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