Babe or the Boat?

Frenzy Funnies

For all you ladies out there (and guys that have wives that fly fish) don’t put your angler in a tough decision like this.  It is hard for the angler to part with his fishing boat.  :)


5 Responses to “Babe or the Boat?”

  1. Counselor Says:

    Nice video Chubbsy. Thanks for the laugh!


  2. Kelly G. Says:

    Sweeeet! Never give us that choice!


  3. the flytyinfreak Says:

    Heck I wish I had that for some of my fishin buddies! At least my wife knows when to keep it on the down low!


  4. Big Hoss Says:

    i wish i had one of those.


  5. Alex Landeen Says:

    I almost worked up a sweat yesterday, too. Almost.


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