Clean & Cast Outing

April 8, 2010


My good friend Travis Dr Gillespie launched a new site “Utah Fly Fishing Club”.  It has been an idea for years and he finally decided to launch this cool project.  The Utah Fly Fishing Club is a complete fly fishing community dedicated to the conservation, education, and participation of Utah fly fishers.  One of UFFC’s main focuses is to keep Utah’s waters pristine and wild. In doing so UFFC has come up with the Clean & Cast program.

check out this site and join if you want to.

Be part of something important. UFFC is ( committed to keeping Utah’s waters pristine and wild. One way we are able to do that is clean up all the garbage left by irresponsible users.  So come join us for our first “Clean & Cast” of the year.


What is a “Clean & Cast”? Is a day spent on a river or lake cleaning up trash for a few hours then spending the rest of the day fishing as well as picking up any trash you see.

When: April 17th 2010-Meet at the Hub Cafe at 8am

Where: Middle Provo River

Who: Everyone and anyone is invited.  So tell your friends and buddies and come support a great cause.

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7 Responses to “Clean & Cast Outing”

  1. Chubbs Says:

    Looks awesome. Good work Dr.


    Travis Reply:

    Thanks, wish you were still in UT we could use ur help…Have you been out lately?


    Big Hoss Reply:

    Chubbs i think you need to move back.


  2. Emily Says:

    I didn’t see an email on the to ask a question about the website…
    is there one?


    Randy Reply:

    guys I sent a letter to the editor in richfield reaper newspaper about their rep Mciff not mentioning to his people there about his bill 141. need a little help at


    Travis Reply:

    Emily, you can email UFFC at or call me at 801-822-2238 Thanks, Travis Gillespie


  3. Travis Says:

    OK all you anglers out there we need your help, the Clean and Cast is tomorrow on the Middle Provo. So if you are going to be fishing or not come join us and support a great cause!!! Details at


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