First fish on a fly

April 4, 2010

Provo River

I had the honor this past week to take on the Provo River a young man from Missoula Montana. My business partner Matt had his younger brother Blake came down to Utah for spring break to spend time with family and one of things that he wanted to do was go fly fishing. He had been fly fishing once before but had never caught a fish. On Thursday we headed up the lower Provo around 11ish hoping to hit the BWO hatch just as it started. The weather was crazy that day, it was very bad down in the valley and the canyon but we went to one of favorite spots that is sheltered from most wind and weather. As we approached the stretch of river we were pumped cause we could see from a distance fish rising.

I have taken many people fishing for the first time and dry fly fishing, in my opinion, is harder for someone to learn than nymph fishing. I was a bit concerned that we would have a tough time hooking some rising fish but knew we could always fall back on throwing on a nymph to make sure we landed some fish.

As we got in the water and rigged up not 5 minutes into casting this new fisherman had his first fish take the fly we presented. It is so satisfying to see the first fish on a fly caught by anybody and even more special to hear them say “this is my new favorite thing to do”.

Welcome to fly fishing Blake!!

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