Only 2 Left!!!!

March 18, 2010

drift boat, Frenzy

Fly Fishing Boats

As you probably remember, Premier Skiffs gave the first 10 boats sold from the first to the year at an amazing price of $4,995. That included all the accessories and trailer, Ready to Go.

Those 10 boats are long gone, but Premier would like to say thanks by offering 2 more of their high powered Skiffs at $5,495 before they go up to normal retail prices.  That will include all the accessories and trailer!

I visited Royce’s shop last week and those skiffs are off the hook.  He takes so much pride in making sure that they are done right that the boats are flawless.  He oversees the production of each boat.  When I was up there, he had just finished an awesome skiff.

If you are interested you can contact us at the frenzy, or or go to Premier’s Site . You won’t find a better boat or a better deal.

Check out this SKIFF!!!


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