Shocking News! HB-141 Passes Senate

March 10, 2010

Utah Water Guardians

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A sad day for Utah’s fisherman, Representative McIff’s unconstitutional House-bill somehow passes the Senate.

In an odd twist of events, the 2nd substitute HB-141 was passed with a 19-10 vote late in the day.  The 2nd substitute HB-141 was made public only 3 hours before the vote…. in a nut shell, its still full of  problems.

Also, Senator Stowell attached a bill, SB-281 Public Access to Stream Beds – Utah Waterways Task Force, to HB-141. We’ll post a full breakdown shortly.

The Vote–> Please note how your Representative voted and act according come election time. If they stood up for the Constitution and water law, send in a note thanking them.


  • SEND AN EMAIL TO THIS GUY –> Spencer Eccles [executive director Gov office],

Governor’s Office Economic Development

  • Amy  Hamblin
    Assistant to Executive Director

GOED (Governor’s Office of Economic Development)

  • Riley  Cutler
    Director of Outdoor Products Cluster

Utah Tourism Industry Coalition

  • Danny Richardson, Executive Director
    • Phone – (801) 505 – 52266
    • Fax – (801) 534 – 4980
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6 Responses to “Shocking News! HB-141 Passes Senate”

  1. JoeRed Says:

    Seriously? so the public owns “just the water” the land underneath is private making it illegal to wade… Thats like passing a bill making it so a citizen couldn’t own land within 15 meters of a public waterway. In my eyes either one of these situation is unconstitutional. Citizens have a right to purchase and own land; citizens also have the right to access public waterways by foot or float.

    So how much of the provo just got shut down? where can I find maps of public/ private lands so I dont tresspass?


  2. JoeRed Says:

    email sent to Mr. Eccles


    Big Hoss Reply:

    thanks Joe,


  3. Jake Butikofer Says:

    only in Utah.


    Big Hoss Reply:

    got to love it.



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