BWO’s and Midges

March 9, 2010

Provo River

Last Saturday I was feeling good enough so I gathered up the troops and headed up to the lower Provo River. I had heard from The “Dr” that there had been some amazing hatches during the week and it would most likely be the same on Saturday. I tied up some BWO’s and Midges the night before and had everything ready to head out early in the morning. I didn’t really sleep the whole night due to the fact I hadn’t been fishing for a couple months because I had hurt my back. It is funny how excited I was to fish a river I have fished my whole life and well over a few thousand times but that is how it is when you can’t get out and wet a line knowing the fishing is awesome.

We had an interesting day with cold weather in the morning overcast at about noon and then a feeding frenzy at about 1:30. Midges and BWO’s were hatching at the same time and river was boiling. We all landed many fish and left the river exhausted.

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