How to Properly Release a Fish

February 23, 2010

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Safety First

I believe that the longer someone has been fishing, the more that person is concerned with the safe release of the fish.  However, I believe there are certain tips that fly fisherman forget every no and again when landing/releasing a fish.  Here are some tips to remember.

#1.  Fish Barbless Hooks

  • It’s easier to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth.  Plus it makes it easier to remove the hook from Rudy’s eyebrow.  Right Rudy!  :)

#2 Avoid Fishing When Water Temperatures are High

  • Trout need cool water to survive, and high water temperatures lead to higher mortality rates.

#3. Land the Fish as Quickly as Possible

  • Fish heavier tippet, use a stronger drag setting, and work the rod to land the fish quickly.  A completely exhausted fish struggles to be revived.

#4. Minimize your Handling of the Fish

  • A rubberized net is recommended, and fish should never be handled with a dry hand.  Make sure you dip your hands in the water before touching the fish.

#5. Fully Revive the Fish Before Releasing it

  • Hold it upright in a gentle current facing upstream to allow oxygen into the fish’s gills.

#6. Photograph Fish Quickly and Carefully

  • If shooting photos, do so quickly and avoid lifting the entire fish out of the water whenever possible.  I received great advice from a seasoned guide who said if you do take it out of the water to photograph, the one-hand-under-the-belly-lift works best.

2 Responses to “How to Properly Release a Fish”

  1. Tyler (TroutBumz) Skeen Says:

    Great advice. I know that we all need reminders every now and again.


    Chubbs Reply:

    it was some good info that i came across. definitely good to be reminded every now and again.


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